Lodging and Dining in Scotland

Hotels in Scotland are not cheap. However, if you do your homework, learn about most popular and least popular days of the week, months and seasons, and use the right websites, you can get hotel rooms at prices that are significantly cheaper than what you will get by trying to book a room last minute on a hotel’s website.

This being said, if you want to stay at a top of the line hotel with spectacular views and in a great location, you will most likely have to pay a lot and not be able to get a discount.

The best hotels make sure that everything about them is top-notch, from the service in the hotels and employee trainings to quality seo.hosting for their websites to provide their guests with great experience.

Generally speaking, a double room in a decent hotel in Scotland will cost about $200 per night. Basic hotels on the lower end cost about $100 per night and on the high end, there’s virtually no limit to how much you can spend. If you want to get a cottage for your family, you will probably have to rent it for a week. Beds and breakfasts in the country are typically much less expensive than hotels in the cities. Such beds and breakfasts cost about $50 per person per night.

The low season starts in October and lasts through March. That’s when the prices are the cheapest.

Use the Internet and aggregator websites to compare prices and find an accommodation that will work for you. Today this is the best way to go because you can see pictures of the hotels, both inside and outside, and read the reviews from guests. Some hotels look very unpretentiously, yet get stellar reviews because of the quality of service and their rooms.